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What is the CamPac Box™?

The CamPac BoxTM is a 3-D printed coupler box solution intended on making the adaptation of Kadee* couplers easier and significantly more functional while being more prototypical and aesthetically pleasing for both rolling stock and locomotives.  In this regard, other components may be provided with the boxes that include a plug to fill in the pilot void prevalent on many locomotives and a fairing, often integrated with the coupler box.

Each coupler box solution is shown below with photos of the currently completed lineup of products.  If you are curious about other adaptations, periodically check the bottom of this page to see what our current development status is.

Note: The following kits do not come with Kadee 907 coupler kits and are to be obtained separately via Kadee.com or any Kadee Authorized Resellers


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Creators of the CamPac Box: Colin Camarillo & Ted Doskaris 

Installation Guides

Installation Guides

USAT GP Series CamPac Install Guide

USAT SD40 Campac Install Guide

USAT SD70 CamPac Install Guide

USAT Alco PA/PB CamPac Install Guide

USAT F3/7 CamPac Install Guide

USAT NW2 Campac Install Guide

USAT 44Ton Campac Install Guide

USAT Alco S4 CamPac Install Guide

USAT 50ft Box/ Reefer Car

USA Trains 60Ft Box Car

USAT Woodside Reefer Install Guide

USAT Simulated Steel Box Car Install Guide

USAT Heavyweight Passenger Car CamPac Box Install Guide

USAT Streamliner Passenger Car Install Guide

USAT 3Bay 70Ton Hopper Car CamPac Box Install Guide

LGB 50Ft Box Car Install Guide

LGB 3 Bay Modern Hopper Car Install Guide

LGB 50Ft Flat Car Install Guide

LGB Modern Tank Car Install Guide

Aristo U25B CamPac Box Install Guide

Aristo GP40 Hanger Install Guide

Aristo 100 ton CamPac Box Install Guide

Aristo EVANS 53FT Box car CamPac Box Install Guide

Aristo Heavyweight Passenger Car bolster adapter for USA Trains trucks Install Guide

Aristo 50Ton 2 Bay Hopper Car CamPac Box Install Guide

AML GP60 CamPac Box Install Guide 

AML Bethgon CamPac Box Install Guide

AML PS4750 Hopper Car Install Guide

Rolling Stock Coupler Boxes


Rolling Stock

AristoCraft Evans 53 Ft Box Car 

AristoCraft 100Ton Hopper Car

Aristo 50Ton 2 Bay Hopper

USAT 3 Bay 70 Ton Hopper

USAT 4-Bay Center Flow Hopper Car

AML Hi-Cube Box Car

AML Bethgon Car

AML PS4750


USAT Modern Tank Car

USAT Woodside Reefer

USAT Simulated Steel Box Car

USAT HeavyWeight Passenger Car 

USAT Streamliner Passenger Car

USAT 50ft Box Car

USAT 50FT Hydra-Shock

USAT 60Ft Box Car

LGB 50ft Box Car

LGB 3 Bay Modern Hopper Car

LGB 50Foot Flat Car

LGB Modern Tank Car

PIKO 2 Bay Hopper Car

Locomotive Coupler Boxes




USAT 44Ton


USAT Alco S4








Aristo U25B


In the Work


Misc Items

Aristo-Craft Ball Bearing Motor Block Spacer $12 (set of 4) 

USAT NW2 Replacement Stacks $12/Pair

USAT SD40-2 “Dog house” $8

Aristo GP40 Replacement Hanger $8/Pair

Aristo GP40 Replacement Visor $8/Pair

USAT Die-Cast Truck Conversion Bolsters for Aristo Heavyweight Passenger Cars $10/Pair

Aristo Streamliner Observation Plug

Customer Photos


*Kadee is a registered trademark of Kadee Quality Products Co., White City, Oregon, USA.

The Camarillo Pacific Railroad Company is neither an affiliate nor an authorized dealer of Kadee Quality Products Co.x

Future Work

USAT American Series Simulated Steel Box Car
Complete! 100%
AML GP60 Fan mounting plate
First Version in progress 50%